Hardware OEM Design & Manufacturing

We are providing services & solutions in electronic board design for all industries & domains as it is becoming a critical function in the product development life cycle. Our exposure to complete product development life cycle from paper specification to architecture definition, from proof-of-concept to component selection and placement, from PCB layout to PCB fabrication and from production ready hardware platform combined with our commitment to excellence customer success

Our offerings include:

  • Complete HW, FW and SW architecture design and development
  • Schematic capture and PCB layout
  • Power Engineering Expertise
  • Designing various power supply boards output ranging from 1.2V to 24VDC with the input voltage from 24V - 230V AC and DC
  • Broader experience on board design upto 12 layers
  • Expertise in memory interfaces & connectivity interfaces for consumer & Industrial applications
  • Board bring up, Functional & Environmental testing.
  • Product Manufacturing support
  • Continuous engineering support
Wireless sensor node