remote patient monitoring devices
Portable Remote Patient Monitor

Emsol Portable remote monitor can be used to measure human oxygen saturation and pulse rate through finger. Also can be used to monitor & self test ECG. The device is suitable for being used in family, hospital, oxygen bar, community healthcare, etc.

Smart SPO2 Monitor

The Smart SPO2 monitor is a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled device.So this device sends the patients real time live vital data to the cloud continuously as 24/7, which will help us to find the list of critical patients those who really required the oxygen support out of hundreds/Thousands of patients during COVID-19. The handheld pulse oximeter comes with bright OLED display that shows the oxygen saturation percentage, PI and pulse rate. It also includes a pulse bar and wave format. The audible and visual alarm feature in this SpO2 monitor is useful to let you know the test is complete.

We offer high-quality handheld pulse oximeter for an incredibly low everyday price. Whether you're a caretaker, medical professional or patient, you're sure to be thrilled with the thoughtful design of this first-class handheld oximeter, which is loaded with all kinds of useful features and is well known for its accuracy and low power consumption. This is one of the finest oximeters on the market.

portable smart remote patient monitor

Note: This Product cannot be used for medical diagnosis purpose .

Portable Remote Patient Monitor Features:
  • SPO2- Measurement range 70-100%
  • SPO2- Resolution 1%
  • SPO2- Measurement accuracy 80%-100%: ±2% 70%-79 %: ±3%
  • Pulse- Measure range 30-235 bpm
  • Pulse- Resolution 1 bpm
  • Pulse- Measurement accuracy 30- 100: ±2 bpm 101- 235: ±2%
  • Easy to operate, low power consumption
  • SpO2, Pulse rate & Resperatory value display
  • Type 1.3" OLED Display
  • Adjustable alarms for spo2, PR, probe off, Battery-low indicator
  • onnected with external SpO2 probe
  • Power Supply: DC 5V, 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Remote Dashboard Software

The Emsol Dashboard app shows the real time live vital of multiple patients such as SPO2 & Pulse Rate.The 10.1 Inch display will be provided to the nurse cabin to monitor the list of critical patients details like Name, Bed number with their SPO2 & Pulse,etc who really need the doctor/nurse support immediately from out of 100 patients.

Remote patient monitoring dashboard